Atticus Analytics

Client Stories

Some of our most successful and powerful stories with our clients, had 2 elements in common 

– Zeal for Excellence

– Attention to detail

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Hoisst - FMCG Distribution

Hoisst struggled to understand the performance of their products across different outlets and cities. They lacked visibility into which products performed best in specific outlets or cities, hindering their ability to make data-driven decisions and maximize sales.

Canine Products - Retail

Canine Products, a 40-year-old company specializing in pet food, required insights to optimize their retail store analytics and identify top-paying customers and peak sales months across multiple retail outlets.

Business School

A $120 million education company, sought to optimize their admission analytics process to improve marketing spend efficiency and attract top-quality applicants

Pharma Company

A $USD 5 Mn  pharmaceutical company, sought to streamline their operations and improve efficiency across various departments

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